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A little bit about Carmel...

I’m an award-winning program facilitator, educator and Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) Practitioner. I have degrees in Small Business, Project Management, Public Relations and Education. I'm also fiercely passionate about helping businesses be the best they can be.

My first major foray into business was breeding earthworms on a one-acre property in Western Australia’s South West. What started as a backyard hobby soon became a three-tiered business breeding earthworms, facilitating workshops and authoring a series of three integrated resource books for educators. This endeavour won a WA Recycling and Waste Reduction Award and showed me that even the humblest projects can grow into something ground-breaking with the right tools and mindset.

A turning point for me was being selected as one of 20 South West businesses to take part in the pilot program, Join the Dots. This not only shook up the way I approached my own businesses, it also introduced me to the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP). The EMP is a cutting-edge analysis tool that assesses people's entrepreneurial skills, capabilities and limitations. And after seeing first hand the power of building capability in people rather than focusing on obscure overarching goals, I became an accredited Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile Practitioner. 


I’ve since gone on to use the EMP in all kinds of situations, from working one-on-one with sole traders through to large-scale programs, like being a business mentor to the Small Business Development Corporation's PIVOT Program involving 500+ business. As a tool, it helps people figure out their own skills, strengths and limitations, and with my experience and education, I help people put that information to work. Because as my favourite philosopher says:


"You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose." Dr Seuss


Business: Worms Galore

WA Recycling and

Waste Reduction Award (1999)
Non-Metropolitan Winner

South West 3R Award (1999)
Research & Development Grant Winner
WA Recycling and

Waste Reduction Awards (2000)

Education & Promotion Finalist

Project Start-Up
Esperance Bag

Smart Program

Keep Australia Beautiful Plastic

Bag Reduction Awards (2006)

WA State Winner and
Australian National Winner


NAIDOC Award (2009) for

New Innovative Program catering to

indigenous primary children - an

Aboriginal Education Zoo Program.

A little bit about Rupert D Frog...


My nickname at school was Frog. Why you ask? It might have been the big, wide smile. Or maybe the long frog-like legs? All I know is it stuck, and when it came time to name my business, Frog Jump was a no brainer. Its a combination of me and my passion for helping businesses move forward in leaps and bounds, which I’m sure you’re toad-ally in tune with.

A ‘Name the Frog Jump Frog’ competition was held and after many ribbiting responses, like Jeremiah, Lily, Robert, Phileas Frog and Poirot, Rupert was born.

​And hey, if you appreciate the frog puns, make sure you pay Rupert a visit on social media! 


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